The Map

Central London:

Judd BooksSkoobThe Lamb Bookshop, Persephone Books, The London Review Bookshop, StanfordsAny Amout of BooksCecil Court, Henry Pordes Books, Clerkenwell Tales, Koenig Books, Belgravia Books, Treadwell’s Books, Quinto & Francis Edwards, The European Bookshop, Foyles

North London:

Blackgull Bookshop and Bindery, Housmans, Word on the Water, Stoke Newington Bookshop, Church Street Bookshop, Walden Books, Owl Bookshop, Primrose Hill Books, Keith Fawkes, Camden Arts Centre Bookshop, West End Lane Books

East London:

Pages of Hackney, Camden Lock Books, Brick Lane Bookshop, Broadway Bookshop, Donlon Books, Artwords Bookshop, Libreria

South London:

Book MongersThe Kennington BookshopSecondhand BooksRiverside Books, Southbank Book Market, Calder Bookshop Theatre, Clapham Books, Dulwich Books

West London:

Book and Comic ExchangeThe Notting Hill Bookshop, Books for Cooks, Lutyens & RubensteinSlightly Foxed, South Kensington Books, Heywood Hill, John Sandoe Books, The French Bookshop, Hatchards, Nomad Books


Harbour Books


St. Philip’s Books


The Angel Bookshop, G. David Bookseller, Sarah Key The Haunted Bookshop, Heffers Booksellers


Golden Hare Books


The Poetry Bookshop, The Broad Street Book Centre, Richard Booth’s Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye Booksellers, Addyman Books, Addyman Annexe


Topping and Company Booksellers of Bath, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights


Tropismes, Filigranes, Taschen


BMVDoug Miller BooksNicholas Hoare BooksTen Editions Bookstore,  Eliot’s Bookshop, Type Books, Balfour Books, She Said Boom!


Ocelot, Dussman das KulturKaufhaus


Tschann Librairie


Minster Gate Bookshop, The Little Apple Bookshop, Fossgate Books

Arequipa, Peru

Librería El Lector

10 responses to “The Map

  1. Great idea!
    Nicholas Hoare Books is a gem! I love that place! And I must check out your London shops. Word on the Water and of course, touristy Notting Hill Bookshop…well all the West London ones look spectacular!


  2. I know another awesome book shop you can try in the East End; It reminded me of Dylan Moran’s book shop in the comedy series “Black Books”!


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  4. clare whittam

    Try Scriveners in Buxton, Derbyshire UK…5 floors of windy wooden passages filled with books….and mean filled…little oases of comfy chairs and free tea and coffee dotted throughout…allow two days….


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  6. Mr B’s Reading Emporium in Bath, UK is a really lovely indie bookstore, where they have a reading booth you can sit and read for a while for a few pounds, and they serve you tea! They also offer a reading spa, which might be up your street!


    • I’ve never been but I’ve heard the legends about it! Everyone sings its praises to the heavens and I’m determined to go. A friend of mine lives in Bath at the moment (we refer to it as the city Jane Austen hated and died in) so I have another excuse to go visit.


      • I can’t wait for the review! I get all my uni books from them, though I want to treat myself before I go back to home where there are only the commercial bookshops…


  7. You must visit Daunts on Marylebone High Street, London. It’s a travel specialist and organises its books via region: maps, travel books, non-fiction and fiction. A wonderful mixture, which means you can surround yourself in the culture of your chosen country. I blog about Spain too @ and I’ve found many Spanish gems at Daunts. SD


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